Saturday, August 05, 2006


Another completed block from this RR. This one is Maryas block. Three of Maryas blocks were already completed so I tried to "match" those. All three were sparkly and 2 of the three had button clusters.
It took me days to get this button cluster the way I was happy with. I would add a button, remove a button, rearrange the buttons. You get the picture. Yet, I can say I had fun with this block.
The green ribbon was already decorated with the gold trim. I just put some lace under it and using Edmar Frost gold thread I added the edges. This thread is definately not easy to work with. I did "snap" it by pulling at both ends. This made a big difference! But the thread did fray where it went through the needle. I'll have to try this again and see if it was because the block was thick or if I was pulling too hard.
Oh, and of course I added a butterfly. This seems to have been my signature with this RR. I have one more block to work on in this round and then I'm done. It sure is going fast!