Friday, February 17, 2006

Round Robin Block

Here is a picture of my block from my first RR (Round Robin). I love it! I was so nervous starting this but you have to start somewhere. I have now completed 4 RR's. I recommend these to anyone who has never tried one. To see a block up close just doesn't compare to the best pictures you can find. The different stitches, threads, motifs, etc.. And when a block comes home with stitching on it from your online friends just makes it so much nicer than one you could make yourself. So, just go for it!

I decided to show my block before it was sent out and then the completed block. Big difference huh!

Another day I'll post pictures of my other RRs.

Today I'm off to go play with my fabric for Sharons class. Fun!


Kari said...

Oh, wow! I love it, what a treasure to own. Do you have any plans for its use or display?

Kari x

Jacqui said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog :) Lovely to find your's too. Those pinks are lovely - wish that were my block for Sharon's class now! Looking forward to seeing what you do for our first block.