Wednesday, June 06, 2007

cloth doll

cltoh doll
Originally uploaded by sewquilty.

Here she is! The first doll I've made. It was quite a journey. There is a very fine line between fun and frustration. I'm happy to say that the fun stands out more. There are quite a few mistakes I've made along the way too. I hope I remember them so I don't do them again.
I'm not too crazy about her hair but she looks better this way than bald. I think that doing hair will only improve with experience. Oh, and her legs are way too wobbly, I think the thread broke. I'll have to redo them. That was part of the frustrating part. Her arms and legs would get in my way. I felt like I needed an extra hand at times.
For now I'm going to leave her up on the television where she is very visible. I'm waiting for her to tell me her name!


kay susan said...

Great effort! I think she's lovely. I think she's called Ruby or Garnett.

coral-seas said...

I think she is lovely. I don't know why but I think her name is Glenda.


Jo in NZ said...

Linda she is so captivating. Her face is perfect. she looks like she is a little bit of trouble, a bit of a harlot, but all innocence when necessary ! lol
She is a red headed beauty, and I think her name is Claire.