Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Tree 2007

Last night we (meaning me) finished decorating the Christmas Tree. It looked pretty. Honest! Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of it last night. I was waiting for better lighting. Well, here is the better lighting, but unfortunately the tree no longer looks so pretty :( .

My husband heard something around 12:30 am. He went off to investigate and found the tree on the floor. Ornaments everywhere! Lots of broken glass everywhere! Candy canes and bows, oh my!

What a mess.

What you see here on the table is what didn't get thrown away. Fortunately, the glass ornaments have no sentimental value at all! In fact I picked up some last year after Christmas to fill in the empty spots! I mean there are a few left from our first tree. Hard to believe after 21 years. The sentimental ones are from the kids first Christmas, ones that were handmade, etc.. I didn't see any of those broken.

Since we were all sleeping at the time, we really don't know for sure what happened. But, I do have my suspicions. I have a picture of this curious kitty every year checking out the tree. Here is a picture from 2003. But I do have more. And he was hanging around pretending to investigate the noise with us!! So, I don't actually have proof, but I know it was you, Marshmallow, aka Mr. Mushy Marshmallow!

I love you anyway!


Denise said...

Linda....I have had the same thing happen to me. TWICE! Both times a cat was to blame (both white cats...hmmmm)

Iowa Sunshine said...

LOL. My snow white did that too! She's a white cat too! I love her so. No matter what! HUGS