Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Hello and welcome to my blog. There are so many great blogs out there I don't really think that this one will compare. This is my own experiment. I am hoping that by creating this I will actually be tempted to complete something! I love to try new things or new ways of doing something. Unfortunately that seems to take me way off track of getting aything done.

My goal is to update this space at least once a week! And with an update on one project or another.

Wish me luck!!


Chloe said...

Hello Namesake - I am here to wish you luck. :)

Will enjoy dropping back to try and work out which of the Lindas you are. :)


Linda @ Chloe

Jo in NZ said...

Linda, people will come,and people will read, don't worry about that!
Keep posting. I have about 2 avid readers, but I find the blog a good way to keep track of what I'm doing, and how I'm improving, or changing styles.
I'll be back.

MargaretR said...

Welcome to Blogworld Linda. I'm a newbie too but it's such fun.

Maggie R said...

Hello Linda,
Well I have spent time looking at all your blog pages and I must say you are one interesting gal. You do so many lovely things. I have been inspired this morning to do some comfort dolls . I put the little picture on my blog and now I must get at some dolls. Yours are gorgeoso.
Thanks so much for such a varied and interesting visit. I am going to put your link on my blog if that's OK
in Cold southern ontario canada, waiting for the snow to go and to see green grass and daffodils!!