Thursday, January 12, 2006

Motif Swap

I have a project to work on today and thought I'd talk about it here. I am a member of a few online groups at Yahoo. These groups are a great way to meet and chat with people who have the same interests. I cannot say enough about the inspiration and encouragement that they offer!

At one group I have signed up for a Motif Swap. This requires everyone to make 3 different motifs approximately 2-4 inches. They will all be mailed to the swap hostess who will then "swap" them and you will receive 3 different motifs in return. That is the basic idea. I have completed 2 motifs and todays project is to start my third. There are sooo many possibilities the hardest part is to choose one. I "think" I will try my hand at a trellis with flowers. We shall see....

Here are the pictures of my first 2 motifs. An orange tree (If you couldn't tell!) And a Victorian Lady.

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MargaretR said...

Is this handstitching Linda or do you use an embroidery module? Someone will be lucky to get these. The last one is my fave.