Friday, March 30, 2007

Friendship Doll

Friendship Doll
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Isn't she something! This my latest creation. A friendship doll. I am a member of a yahoo group CQInternational. This is a fun group with swaps and round robins. The current swap that I signed up for is a Friendship doll swap. These are the same style as a spirit doll. She will be swapped out and I will receive a doll from someone else. I wonder how hard it will be to mail this one off!
She is 6 inches tall. I crazy quilted her body and used lots of beads on the seam treatments. For her hair I used "Bling Bling" yarn from Bernat. I would describe this as eyelash yarn and fuzzies. And a little bit of sparkle thread too. I drew her face with colored pencils and fine marker. What fun!!
I'm working on another now.


Ulla said...

Thanks Linda

You really made me happy with your lovely little friendship doll in CQ.

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. I am making a friendship dotee doll this month, and I found your blog while looking for ideas. If you want to see the dolls I have made so far, check out my blog: