Saturday, September 01, 2007

Quilted Wallhanging

Originally uploaded by sewquilty.

I finished this wallhanging. What a quick and easy project. As you can see it is much brighter than the previous picture. This was taken with my camera and the previous one was with the scanner. The colors are truer with the camera. I just have to sit down and learn how to take better pictures. And then how to edit them on the computer also. I wanted to remove the part of the picture with the hanger and just couldn't figure it out. One of the kids can show me I'm sure!
Oh, and I do have a dowel and hanging pocket (Is that what they are called?) on the back. I put it on the hanger just to get a photo.

I have another one that I finished the top today. This is an applique one. A traditional pattern using red and green fabrics on a white background. Perhaps I'll get it quilted tomorrow.

Can you tell that I like to make things that finish up fast. If they don't then it seems to take me a long time to finish. And finishing is such a wonderful feeling sometimes!

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