Saturday, August 25, 2007

CQ Wallhanging

CQ Wallhanging
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Here is a picture of small wallhanging I recently finished. This was my very first RR. The theme was "Pink and Cream". While I'm not a big fan of pink I thought the color combination was pretty. That was why I signed up. And it did turn out to be very pretty, I think!
I have more completed RR blocks that I have to do something with. One of these days. ha ha I am a very good procrastinator.
It is a hot and humid day here today, so I'll be indoors in the air conditioning again. And back to the doll that I'm currently working on. I should say struggling with!! It is my own fault though, it is an advanced pattern. I am a lot of things, but advanced certainly isn't one of them! It is a pattern from an older Soft Dolls Magazine and I just had to try it. Pictures will be posted soon.


Linda said...

It is very beautiful. And it must be satisfying to get something finished and actually hung.


Pat Winter said...

Very pink!