Thursday, October 18, 2007

Crocheting Continued

What happened to my words? Geesh! Lets see, what did I say?
I recently hurt my back. All I did was bend down to pet one of my cats on the head. I cannot put words to what I felt, but anyone who has hurt their back knows exactly what I felt. And it wasn't good!
So, that meant laying around doing nothing as much as possible. So, I was on the couch for a few days. Of course the television was on but there was only so much tv I could watch. I actually do watch tv, but I have to keep my hands busy.
This lead to a discovery about myself that I would never have known. I can crochet while laying on my back! Talk about stretching to find that silver lining!
The previous pictures are of the baby blanket that I crocheted while laying around. It took me about 4 days to finish this. It is a variation on the basic shell stitch. Isn't it pretty?
I now have 2 baby blankets and one baby quilt made. I'm trying to build up a stash of these things for future use. After all, I have 4 children, my sisters have 3 and 4 respectively, and my brother has 1. She is the youngest at 7 but the oldest is 27! Wow, how did that happen? Since I am the only one in the family who can sew, knit, crochet, embroider, quilt, etc.. I figure it is good to start while I have a chance. After all, If I make for one I have to make for 12!!

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Pat Winter said...

Linda, I have the same problem. I was told it was the sciatica nerve that is easily triggered. Sometimes all it takes is a gentle move and I am down for a few days . I'm sorry to hear you are in pain,but wow, you got things done. Good for you.

I tagged you,please go to my blog for details.