Sunday, March 12, 2006


I was busy stitching yesterday finally! It was about time I got started on making hearts for a group I joined. These are 6 inch hearts that are traded amongst each other. They have been trading some beautiful hearts. My fear is that they will be all traded out by the time I am ready. Well, that and that no one would want one of my hearts. I am such a critic of my own work. I really have to learn to relax!!
Now I just have to get faster at making these little things. I have a hard time deciding what to do one each one. For example, should I put a herringbone stitch here or a chain stitch? What color thread would be best? Decisions, decisions, decisions!!! lol This next heart (not pictured yet) is going a lot faster. I looked at it and picked a seam line. Gave myself the option of 2 stitches and just "did it". And it worked! Well, so far.
Anyway, here are my three finished hearts. Hearts 1 and 2 are in my favorite color scheme. Golds, burgundy, greens, tans. Autumn colors. Well, this years favorite! And the third one with the pastels was fun. I was really suprised. I thought it would be hard to work in those colors. And heart #4 is also in pink and green. Are pastels going to be my new favorite? I don't think so. When I went to the store to get some more I came home with a new suprise. Really really bright colors. We shall see what I do with those. It really is fun to work in a different color scheme.


Jo in NZ said...

Linda, let me ease your mind, There will always be someone willing to trade with you.
I love heart 2...wanna trade !
See you at the CoH board

Iris said...

Linda you won't have any trouble finding ladies to swap hearts They will all like these! As a matter a fact would you like to swap with me for the pastel heart?

Happy stitching ^,^
Iris Susan

Iris said...

Linda you will not have any trouble trading The ladies will love these! As a matter a fact would you like to swap with me for the pastel heart?

Happy stitching!
Iris Susan

abeautifulcraft said...

Your hearts are beautiful, would love to swap with you .... enjoyed reading your blog as well and will add you to my list of lovely blogs.

Ribbonwiz said...

Linda, I want to swap with you too.
Your hearts are lovely, they will be snapped up in no time!