Saturday, November 03, 2007

A walk at the beach

Jones Beach that is. My husband and I enjoy walks on the boardwalk. Of course we don't do this in the summer! That is reserved for sitting at the waters edge. And of course dipping in the ocean with my youngest son. Those days are over for this year. So, the walks are back. We ventured out today not knowing just how far we would get. What is left of hurricane Noel is just touching the coast here. Rain and wind gusts. Actually it isn't raining here at my house, but at the beach it was. And it was painful with the wind blowing it in your face! But no matter what the weather, it is still beautiful at the beach. Here is a picture of the Jones Beach water tower as seen through a wet windshield.

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Pat Winter said...

I enjoyed the beach picture!!!! It has been too cold and windy here to enjoy walks along the shore.Thanks for sharing!