Sunday, July 08, 2007

CQ Friendship doll

CQ Friendship doll
Originally uploaded by sewquilty.

Where has the time gone? I haven't posted in a month? I guess I have been busier than I thought.
Here is a picture of my latest cq friendship doll. There will be another swap on CQI for a Christmas Friendship Doll. I have a few of these dolls all in varying stages of completion. These dolls are all of 6 inches! A lot of fun to make.
I don't have pictures of the other dolls yet. My son has gone on vacation and has my camera. When he gets back I should have a few more pictures to share.


Beadin' Gram said...

This is a lovely doll, Linda. A snow queen angel -- I'll keep bopping back in to see your other dolls. Beautiful work.
Beadin' Gram
aka Jackie/IL

Pat Winter said...

Linda, she is "heavenly". She may be going to Holland MI. I will let you know when she arrives. Thank you so much for participating in this project. Pat