Sunday, July 29, 2007

Under the Sea

Under the Sea
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Just a quick update on my Under the sea block. I put a lot of "stuff" on this. I think my favorite is the green/blue shells with the pearl in the middle. And what about the curly q thingy in the middle. (It is a snail in case you can't tell.) I wasn't sure what to do for the mermaids hair so I went with some hairy yarn. The fuzzys that went over her head I pulled back and tacked down. The small shell represents a hair clip. I still want to add sequins and beads as air bubbles. And I have some more fishy charms to add.
This block has to sewn with right sides together and turned right side out to be finished. I hope it isn't too far off in shape and size. I just might add more shells to the bottom after it is completed!

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Pat Winter said...

I love your beaded mermaid. Lovely seascape.