Thursday, July 19, 2007


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I am such a terrible blogger. It seems that I keep up in spurts. Oh well, at least I have been busy. Besides family life in the summer that is.
I'd like to introduce Petals. I thought that the name "fit" but she may be up for a name change. She is made from a free pattern by Sherry Goshon. This was actually a challenge pattern. (I'll edit this post when I find the link to those dolls. They are just amazing!) This pattern can be found at with the free patterns.
I had a lot of fun with her!


Gerry said...

She is superb! Youe color choices are perfect. Her tunic is too cute. Why didn't you enter her?

Your comfort and spirit dolls are really nice. The angel is beautiful. Did you use wire on the wings?

Pat Winter said...

Petals is adorable and a great color!!!

Linda said...

Thank you Gerry and Pat. I didn't enter Petals because I didn't know about it ahead of time. I still don't know if I would have been brave enough!
As for the wings I use peltex as a base. A plain fabric on the back and a sparkly organza on the front. Then I just bead over the edges. Pretty mindless.