Saturday, July 21, 2007

Under the Sea CQ Block

Under the Sea CQ Block
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I hand pieced my first CQ block. I just had to try to have curves in there! Sure, some people can do that with a machine, but I'm not one of them! And it wasn't as fidley as I thought it would be. I will definately try this way again.
Leslie (Of CQI fame!) is collecting Under the Sea blocks for a Children's cancer treatment center. These blocks will be put into a wallhanging. Each block measures 8 X 6. I really enjoy working on charity blocks. After all, it is just a block. Not a very hard thing to do. And the time frame isn't too great. Put my block with other peoples blocks and it is amazing what the end result is. And it just makes me feel good doing it!
Many years ago I used to volunteer at the Cancer Society's Annual Childrens Christmas Party. There were a few of us from work that went. We dressed up in costumes and mingled with the kids. Just had fun with them. I remember being Alice in Wonderland. My son had one of those little dogs that barked and stood on its hind legs. I brought that and put it in a basket. My version of Toto was a hit! I think a few years I was either Minnie Mouse or Mickey Mouse. Funny I can't remember who I was and of course I can't tell from the pictures!
Anyway, it is so easy to do a simple thing and how wonderful if that simple thing ends up being a big thing to someone else!

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Gerry said...

Even naked the block looks like a seascape. It's a wonderful thing you do with the charities.