Monday, November 20, 2006

Sampler 2

Sampler 2
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Here is a picture of my second completed sampler. This is different variations of the feather stitch. And again I used different threads. Pearl cotton #8, wool, floss, rayon and silk.
The class is up to lesson 3 and this sampler is still from lesson one. I'll catch up eventually.
I'm thinking of trying something new for the next sampler. These 2 are a bit structured. I'm going to try something more "fun" next. And I wanted to work on something not counted. I'm tired of trying to count threads. I'd rather just eyeball it. I found another fabric, a bit stiffer. It is white and I might try to paint or dye it tomorrow. See, more fun already!

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kay susan said...

This is really nice, I like the second row down.