Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wallhanging 3

Wallhanging 3
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I should never say "just a quick project"!! This one is turning into a time comsuming one. I never found the safety pins in my daughters room. So, I had to hand baste it. It has been years since I had to do that.
I did try some free motion quilting on the flowers and leaves. Well, all I kept thinking was thank goodness that the sewing machine wasn't closer to the window. It would have gone flying! And now I remember why I really do enjoy handwork. Since I am done with free motion work I wanted to finish the quilt and use my walking foot. This is no where to be found. I am now in the midst of tearing apart my sewing room looking for this foot. I know it will show up when I stop looking but I have to continue because I made a mess. I do love to do handquilting and if I had thought of that, this wallhanging would have been done already. I just might have to do that this weekend.

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