Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Leaves sampler

Leaves sampler
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I just had to sit and try this. I marked the outline with pencil and filled in using different stitches. For the top row I used cretan stitch on the left and on the right I used herringbone stitch. The bottom row I used my old favorite the fly stitch and then the chevron stitch.
I sat down and did the cretan stitch and fly stitch to compare them. I had a little time yet and decided to catch up on some blog reading. While at Jo's blog I saw a leaf she did in herringbone stitch and loved it. I just had to try that one also. And then the chevron. Unfortunately I can't do this all day but I will hopefully continue trying this shape with other stitches. So, thanks Jo for the inspiration! What fun!!


Jo in NZ said...

LOL. I was looking at your pic and thinking "oh, she's done all sorts of leaves" then I read down to find my herringbone leaf was your inspiration. They all look great.
Thanks for the link.

Gail said...

Oh I like what you have done with the leaves, Jo inspired me as well. I was just thinking as I looked at yours, this would be a fun shape to try an use for each stitch. LOL. I love leaves.

Susan said...

Those look great! Do you have a favorite one for leaves yet?