Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ohio Star Quilt

Ohio Star Quilt
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I mentioned that I rearranged my sewing/laundry room the other day. I came across this quilt I made many years ago. It was going to be a gift for my Great Aunt Rose. The quilter in the family and the inspiration to all the quilters in my large family. It was the first quilt that I machine quilted. I sewed on the diagonal criss crossing over the entire quilt. I thought it was coming along quite well. When I was done I looked at the back for the first time. I just cried and cried. Every intersection had puckered. That was a lot of intersections. I had ruined the quilt I made for my Aunt.
Well, through the years I would pull this out and pull out those stitches. I just finished pulling out those last stitches last night.
After this quilt I purchased a walking foot. And of course I don't have any white thread so it is back to the UFO pile for this quilt. I hope it doesn't stay there too long.
I showed this to my Mom and I think it will go to her. She already has one I made at the same time which is a similar pattern. That one was machine quilted with a walking foot so there were no problems. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of it. I'll have to try to remember to take a picture when I'm there next time.

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